The idea is to be a “closed” group of MPS users as a core focused on real industrial practices, experiences, and needs (possibly initiating cooperations) or, in other words “the real story behind the shiny presentations”.
The meeting will be 3-4 hours and will include 2-3 presentations and a discussion session. In order to keep the group focused and manageable, as well as to keep the discussion in balance (not one company dominating the discussion while others are not heard), there is a limit of 2-3 people per company. We will aim to meet 3 times a year.

If you or your  company is interested to participate, please complete the contact form.


date topics
27 Feb 2019 tbd
12 Dec 2018

A Declarative, Reactive and Incremental framework in MPS to support immediate feedback and declarative semantics in MPS by Wim Bast (Modeling Value Group) [technical talk]

PlaintextGen and PlaintextFlow (DSLFoundry plugin) by Eugen Schindler (Océ Technologies) and Klemens Schindler (Sioux) [technical talk] [slides]

Open discussion on generators guided by demos [discussion]

How can we work together to contribute something to the community? [discussion]

9 Oct 2018

MPS usage (e.g. current state of using MPS in different companies, where are the limits of applying MPS in different companies/context, etc.) [discussion]

Generator language (use, shortcomings and solutions) by Meinte Boersma [technical talk]

Requirements/Glossary languages by Klemens Schindler, Sioux [application talk]